Types Of Systems

Burglar Alarm Systems

A system that alerts homeowners or business owners to an intruder via annunciators and sensors. A burglar alarm system is activated and deactivated by the user via a control panel or keypad. Visit our guide to Burglar alarm systems for more information.

Fire Alarm Systems

A system that alerts homeowners or business owners to fire via manual pull stations, smoke or detectors or monitoring of sprinkler systems.  Visit our guide to Fire alarm systems for more information.

Robbery Alarms

Also known as hold-up, duress, ambush or emergency alarms and have communications capabilities to alert someone off site when the alarm is activated. Visit our guide to robbery alarm systems for more information.

Access Control Systems

Allow people or vehicles into a restricted area via identification through coded keys, magnetic cards, or biometric readers such as hand, face, voice, finger of retina readers. These systems are used in many businesses, hotels and apartment complexes. Visit our guide to Access Control Systems for more information.

Video Surveillance Systems

A camera system that displays activity on a premise via video monitors. Used primarily in businesses but becoming more popular in homes as well to view visitors at the door or monitor activity in a baby’s room. Visit our guide to Video Surveillance systems for more information.

Audio & Video Systems

An entertainment system can provide you own Home Theater that can be connected via a home automation package to a security, CCTV, or access control system. Visit our guide to Audio & Video systems for more information.

Home Control and Automation Systems

Home automation connects all aspects of a system together through one central control panel, keypad or remote. Used in what is called a “smart home” where virtually all home functions can be linked together and controlled via one central remote or keypad.  Visit our guide to Home Control & Automation systems for more information.

Telephone and Intercom Systems

Simple communications from room to room can also include capability for music in each room or the addition of video.  Visit our guide to Communications systems for more information.

Computer Cabling and/or networks

Structured cabling can provide for your current and future needs for electronic systems. Visit our guide to Computer Cabling and/or networks for more information.